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Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Chief Firearms Office. 


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Ministry of Natural Resource 



Kemptville District

(WMUs 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 69B)

Kemptville MNRF Office: 

(613) 258-8204

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2020 Ontario Hunting Summary

Firearm & Ballistic Calculator

Hunting Regulations

Game Recipes

Public Health Notice!

Local Area Maps

Official site, with information about its administration, services, and a map of the wards.

Retail Store Outlets 

Fence Depot & More

 3045 Pitt Street Cornwall, ON.

Pronature Rockland

2768 Laurier St.


Phone & Fax: (613) 989-2943

SAIL Ottawa Train Yards

175 Trainyards Drive Unit 2

Ottawa, Ontario K1G 3X8

The Old CO OP

2307 Roger Stevens Drive

North Gower, Ontario


Fax: 613-489-0395

[email protected]